Sindy Casanova

Welcome to my website! Kindred Rejuvenation Studio is a space I felt called to create, and I hope a doorway to allow me to get to know you. I am a proud Australian and am aware that the land on which I work is the original land of the Dharawal people, and I pay my respects to Elders past and present.

A little bit about me
I have been embarking on an ever-evolving spiritual journey for the past 4 years, this journey has led me to the healing modality of Reiki, for those who do not know what Reiki is, it is a Japanese energy healing modality. The practitioner channels universal energy to bring about healing and realignment to those who need it. 

Kindred Rejuvenation Studios was born from a vision I have had for some time. A vision that inspired me to create a space that will offer healing in different forms. First and foremost Reiki but also feel called to incorporate Meditation and Sound Healing into the studio. 

Being a huge supporter of women and cheerleader for awakening the free spirit of the feminine within us all, I will also offer women’s circles. This will give women an opportunity to come together in a safe space to help them reconnect with their most authentic and true selves, in a community where we help each other rise up. 

Meditation and sound healing will also be available in group classes as well as one on one sessions. 

A title

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Kindred Rejuvenation Studio aims to bring those who visit a sense of mindfulness, calm, compassion, gratitude and the feeling that you are with family; We are all Kindred souls after all. The space that I hope to create is one of joy, peace and harmony. I hope that when you leave you feel more grounded, and more soul-inspired than when they arrived. 

  • I believe the universe is always showing us the signs so that we live our purpose and in service

  • I am mother to three amazing human beings

  • Family and Friends Mean the world to me

  • I love making connections with like minded people.
  • Loyalty to me is very important to me. When someone entrusts you with their friendship, their time, a secret or any other aspect of their life, it should be handled with the most care.
  • I love seeing the synchronicities in our everyday life, it is a reminder that I am on the right path. 
  • I want to travel the world and meet amazing people and see amazing places.
  • Being creative and supporting others’ creativity makes me happy. We each have special gifts that need to shine.

  • Living a vegan lifestyle has really allowed me to see that we are all one and that we must protect the most vulnerable on this earth.


This podcast is real talk with real people about their journeys, life experiences and lessons learnt along the way. We are all perfectly imperfect and I want to cultivate a space that’s creating a better life and a happier global community. I want to embrace all the moments we encounter. I want to also leave this world happier, kinder and more joyful than when I got here.

This time we live in is an incredible time to be alive. We are all capable of dreaming big and taking the actions needed to achieve those dreams. If you feel the same way, then join me.

One Love.